Lazzaro Felice (Alice Rohrwacher, 2018)



“Alice Rohrwacher revives the memory of the great tradition of Italian cinema precisely because of the frankness of her original voice. You can see the spirits of Fellini and the raw landscapes of Pasolini, the ravenous characters of De Sica, but also Ermanno Olmi, Giuseppe Bertolucci and Sergio Citti, part of a less orthodox history of the auteur film. In a nowadays fairy tale a peasant community lives chained to the yoke of sharecropping, unaware that it has been abolished for more than thirty years, isolated in a tobacco farm, “Inviolata” precisely, the property of a fallen countess in cahoots with a rogue administrator. In this scenario time and space stretch and condense, and after a miracle and a bit of progress (the miracle of progress, they used to say) from the countryside we jump to the outskirts of the city, in a contemporary world, where yet the characters have not changed, and so their souls. LAZZARO FELICE is a parable about the human condition, a story freed from all morals, an apocryphal version of the saints’ lives more tied to rural legends. In Alice Rohrwacher’s cinema there is no judgement but everything is possible and coherent: a cinema of wonders that fights against the mortification of image and fantasy.” (Eva Sangiorgi)

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